Wednesday, July 31, 2013

South Border (mossy glade)

Past here is no longer Sketchpack Territory.
This peaceful mossy glade is one of the nicest areas in the territory. The territory border goes just around this clearing so the wolves can wrestle or hunt here, but no further.
 Rabbits are often found here and various birds, though not in the diet of Sketchpack wolves, are seen in the trees surrounding the area.


Sriha123 said...

Ananza smiled, though her face masked what she was doing, thinking. "What does this guy have to do with my pelt?" she wondered. Ananza had yet to discover people as nice as Desire or....happy-go-lucky as Ardal. But she turned her head to the scent of the rabbits. Ananza's pelt was a bit scrawny, bust still beautifully luscious, from her lack of food, as most good hunting places were taken by different packs. So Ananza stepped into the glade, and felt her paws on the soft green grass. Then Ananza, carefully, stepped into the wonderful clearing, and lay down, using the fluffy grass like a pillow. "Oh, this is so peaceful..." Ananza whispered. She could almost feel a part of the grass, of the wind, the birds floating, of everything. But she let go of the feeling, stood up slowly, and whispered, "Desire...what is this place?"

Sky said...

"It's breath-taking," Ardal murmured seriously. The mossy glade radiated such an earthy, tranquil vibe through his soul - gifting the male with new-found vigor. Although Maja was usually the one who enjoyed such placid, beautiful places, he also respected and found contentment too.

Zoraz said...

Desire smiled.
"It's the edge of the southern border of our territory. We refer to it as the Mossy Glade." she answered Ananza. Even in the late evening it was pretty.
"Okay, branch out and we'll try to catch some rabbits for the pack." she murmured softly. "And remember. No eating until we return to camp!"

The white wolf crouched and crept across the soft, mossy ground. It seemed obvious that her fur would stand out in the darkness, but instead it blended in with the light colored moss and the patches of moonlight that were shining through the trees. She moved stealthily, following the easy trail of a rabbit that had recently been nibbling the sunbaked grass nearby the trail. Her instincts were her life and without hardly thinking about it, her legs sent her flying, her mouth opened and with only a rustle of leaves and a brush of fur, a rabbit was lying dead upon the forest floor.
"Easy catch, she thought, but she was grinning to herself. It was true she was good at hunting, but hunting was rarely this easy.

(I'm talking a lot about my characters and randomly tossing in background stories because they are new characters. I want to develop them and give everybody a feel for their personality. I know what I want them to be like, but they often turn out different. I think Desire is going to be a bit like Hikari and Kazrah mixed. Loyal, determined and a sharp zap of wit.
Feel free to talk a lot about your wolves during your comment! Also if you wish to say something to another role player during a comment you can just talk in parentheses. That's the little ( ).)

Sky said...

Ardal nodded affirmation before spitting up from the other wolves. Normally on hunts he'd be targeting larger prey - especially when the herds were on the move - but he could catch small things too. But Maja was normally one for small catches because of her smaller size and....He snorted to himself.


His thoughts and comparisons always drifted back to the exquisite, callous she-wolf.

When would his thoughts be his own?

The decaying plant life beneath Ardal's paws crunched quietly as he scented the air and searched for signs of prey.

Sriha123 said...

Ananza looked at Ardal again. He was thinking, seriously. Ananza thought, "Hmm. This guy might be crazy, but he's ok..." Then a rustle moved Ananza's ears, and she started to follow a scent trail, fresh and new. Quickly, she found the source. It was a little family, with three newborn bunnies nursing. It evoked bittersweet memories from Ananza, and she decided not to catch the family. So Ananza walked out into the clearing, raising her ears, to pinpoint both her comrades' and perhaps a rabbits' scent.

Ananza depended on her instincts. It was what kept her alive. Above her was a rustle. Leaping up, Ananza clawed the tree and expertly caught a wing of a juicy bird. "It may not be a rabbit," she thought, "but they'll learn how tasty a bird can be."

Zoraz said...

Desire turned sharply at the rustle of wings and grinned at Ananza. Not many wolves had the reflexes to catch a bird. Even though foul had too many feathers for the white wolf's liking, she was still impressed. She smiled her approval at the young wolf and turned back, entering the thick undergrowth as she caught another scent. Her fur bristled automatically.
"Ananza! Ardal!" she hissed, beckoning to them. The scent of a loner was strong and was headed towards deeper Sketchpack territory.