Thursday, February 20, 2014


It was late morning but still shady over Sketchpack's territory. The busy hum of bees gathering pollen and nectar from winter flowers and early risers sounded throughout the camp but not as an annoying or lazy drone as it would seem in summer, instead the sound was almost pleasant.
The promise of the spring soon to arrive created an eager expectation throughout the wolves and the sound of bees awake and working intensified the emotion.
As usual, the prey had been harder to locate during winter, but with the huge amount of undominated land around Sketchpack Territory, no wolf was near starvation.
It was the ideal life, living out here in the middle of the forest with hardly any competition for miles around. There were a few loners that would pass through, and some wolf pack many miles away, but besides that, the entire forest belonged to Sketchpack.
Desire looked around the camp eagerly in an attempt to spy another wolf that would hunt with her. She stepped a few paces towards the center of the camp and then called out;
"Who wants to go for a hunt?"


Sky said...

Ardal scratched behind his sensitive ears with his hind paw, attempting to relieve whatever itchiness there was. After a few moments he got up and tended to his cramped muscles, aching and sore from his prior hunt.

When the wolf, Desire, rose her voice to call for a hunting party Ardal sent a sidelong glance at his kin, Maja.

She flicked her ears and met his light bark colored irises - only to reject his hidden message with an elegance only the mottled she-wolf could achieve. Much to his annoyance. Thus, Ardal turned and barked to Desire with a smirk evident in his voice, "Maja says she'll join!

Kiwicola said...

Ananza rose to her paws, rubbing Seedstorm lovingly. She was still incredibly grateful to Sketchpack for uniting her with her brother. She called out, "I'll come!" then looked at Seedstorm with a meaningful glance. He was the only one who knew about her secret crush. It wasn't like Seedstorm had told Ananza about any crush he might have. Then again, he had only been here a little while, was mysterious, and after his run in with the pack, untrusted by a few.
Ever since her impulsiveness a while back, Ananza had done her best to be a responsible wolf, and now ran towards Desire, smiling at her.
Seedstorm sighed at Ananza's look, and trotted slowly towards Desire. There were a lot of females in this pack, but Seedstorm had yet to really find out how their personalities were like. Besides, Seedstorm couldn't find another female when the death of his pups and mate still haunted him. For a second, he was overtook with grief, but Seedstorm shook his pelt, and joined the hunting patrol. Ananza didn't know anything about this story, but that was fine with Seedstorm for now.